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How to Correctly Store Fruits and Veggies So They last Longer

Posted - 08/21/2012

The normal family will throw out hundreds of dollars worth of food each year. Fruits and vegetables can’t just be crammed into a drawer and be expected to retain the freshness we all know and love. If you are looking to make them last just a little bit longer and save some money in the process, follow these tips.

To understand how fruits and veggies spoil, it is important to understand why. These foods give off ethylene gas, which causes them to ripen and then spoil. Some items are actually best left on the counter, but for those which can be stored in the fridge, store them in perforated bags and store them separately and far apart from each other. By keeping the gas from building up, this will ensure the fruits and vegetables last just a little longer. And if you want to keep these foods for just a little longer, some can actually be stored in the freezer, though it would be wise to keep a list of these foods. With the way the economy is right now, it is wise to learn how to save wherever you can.

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